3 big entrepreneurs under 25 from Sweden

Marcus Anzengruber, Viktor Nord, Ida Backlund, Mattias TyrbergMarcus Anzengruber, Viktor Nord, Ida Backlund, Mattias Tyrberg. Picture taken by a great photographer johannanyholm.com

Marcus Anzengruber

I had the opportunity to meet and compete against three very promising young entrepreneurs a while ago. First out was Marcus Anzengruber, 20 years old and founder of Constant. A very clever and nice young man. He has 14 employees and told me he was hiring as much as 2 more employees every month! Incredible!

Ida Backlund

Then I met one of Sweden’s most promising female business leader, Ida Backlund, born the fantastic year of 1985. Founder of Rapunzel. It took me approximately 10 seconds from the first time I spoke to her to realize that she is a person everyone likes. Big congrats to her boyfriend Stefan Löfgren!

Mattias Tyrberg

Then last I meet Mattias Tyrberg the founder of Saplo. This is one of the smartest guys I ever met with an cocky attitude. He told me he was going to buy Google in a few years because his business idea and research was that good. I like it!  Together with the researcher Sverker Sikström they developed a technology which automatically can read and understand text in similar way as we humans do.

I have no doubts that these three young entrepreneurs will continue to do BIG things and I wish them all my best of luck!

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