Young Entrepreneur of Sweden – 2009?

A couple of weeks ago I got nominated for best young entrepreneur in Sweden (west side). This was really flattering but my expectations was small. I was up against more promosing and much better entrepreneurs such as Eric Martinsson & Therese Albrechtson. Against my expectations I won that nomination and now I’m one of the finalists in the national event in Stockholm. They recorded a video of me. Unfortunately the video is in Swedish but you’re welcome to have a look anyway even though you don’t understand. Just click on the picture below:

viktornord_foundersalliance_Viktor Nord

Jurys motivation: ” This year’s young entrepreneur in western Sweden has developed a service to help very many people to get work. Thousands of people have been recruited to Norwegian companies already. The contractor proved the first step in an interesting business building. The contractor is focused and has the ambition to take the company forward to the next “Ryan Air – Recruitment”

Vote and win tickets?

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Video teaser – Entrepreneur Gala 2009

Vote for the best Young Entrepreneur 2009 HERE.

The winner of this award will be presented at the Entrepreneur Gala in Stockholm the 24th of September 2009. The elite of the Swedish entrepreneurs are there and the event is stunning. If you cast a vote on any of the competitors you have the oppertunity to win free tickets. I would really appreciate that you cast your vote on the most promising entrepreneur and not just on me if you personally know me. Honestly I think I don’t have a chance against the other competitors. What do you think?

Up against the Swedish young elite:

My competitors Marcus, Mattias and Ida are all three very successful entrepreneurs and they all deserve to win this competition. Unfortunately I don’t know them personally yet, but I hope I will meet them in Stockholm the 24th of September when the winner is named.

Marcus Anzengruber, founder of Constant

Mattias Tyrberg, founder of Saplo

Ida Backlund, founder of Rapunzel

My wingman – Christian!

Christian Josefsson

. has been successfull thanks to this amazing person Christian Josefsson. He has been involved since the beginning and is one of the owners. I gladely thank Christian for his incredible job of building up our company from almost nothing to a successfull company. He is not just one of the best art-directors on the market but an true enrepreneur and a big inspiration to work with. I think you all have met a person in your life that has the magic touch and succeed with everything? That’s Christian!


You can read more about him on his LinkedIN profile here.

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Summer of 2009!

chair by the sea


Thank you for reading this post. If you want to support me please share this post on your social network. I would really appriceate it. Now I just want to wish you a fantastic summer of 2009! Take care.

Viktor Nord

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