Victor Nord, Wiktor North, Vicktor Nordh ?

Victor Nord is the most common spelling mistake for my name. Every day I get at least one e-mail with my name misspelled. You may think this is unimportant but in fact this is a quite big issue. If you get an e-mail with your name spelled right you will probably continue reading without reflecting whether the sender spelled your name right or wrong. Your state of mind will continue to be neutral. But if you get an e-mail where your name is spelled wrong or even worse the whole name is wrong your emotions will start to flow. Your state of mind will no longer be neutral and this will affect how you read and respond to the e-mail.

So, how common is this name-misspelling-mistake? Try Google “Warren Buffet” and then “Warren Buffett” (This is correct spelling). You will see that around 25% of the name is misspelled.

Conclusion: If you want your receiver to focus on the importance in a mail remember to spell the name right. If not, the receivers state of mind will affected.

Best regards.

Victor Nord, Wiktor Nord, Victor Nordh, Victor North or Viktor Nord.

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