The myth of the pagefold

I just read a really interesting article I wanted to share with you. The article kills the myth of the pagefold, which is the area you see on a web page before you have to scroll down the page. Many people say “All content has to be ‘above the fold’ or people will miss it. ” The authors gives us some handy tips to encourage scrolling:

  1. Less is more – don’t be tempted to cram everything above the fold. Good use of whitespace and imagery encourages exploration.
  2. Stark, horizontal lines discourage scrolling – this doesn’t mean stop using horizontal full width elements. Have a small amount of content just visible, poking up above the fold to encourage scrolling.
  3. Avoid the use of in-page scroll bars – the browser scrollbar is an indicator of the amount of content on the page. iFrames and other elements with scroll bars in the page can break this convention and may lead to content not being seen.

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