Using social media to attract employees

Right now we have a lot of things going on with We are closing some big new clients, upgrading our system and making our existing customers pleased. One new method to attract a certain group of people is by using social media. Instead of putting out money to ordinary commercial we made a new campaign webpage that we called “Jobba som sjuksköterska i Norge“.

Then we were asking our network on Facebook, Twitter, Ning, LinkedIN and so on to do us a favor by posting up a link to their networks. This worked out quite well for us. In a couple of days we got around 10 qualified nurses and a lot of tips. That is more than you will get from traditional marketing, we tried that to. Hopefully this campaign site will reach a good place in Google search results as well. Here is a snapshot of the site. If you like to please share the link

sjuksköterska i Norge

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