Pictures + social media on Enrio!

Now you can add your photo and social media links to your public search at Eniro . This will give you a nice stand-out searchresult for your name. I haven’t seen anyone that has added this to their public profile yet, besides me. You will also get a nice link that will rank you and your social media pages higher on Google. It won’t take long before will make this too. So go on and add your picture + social media pages! Hopefully this pictures and information will pass on to the interface of smartphones like Iphone so you can get the picture of the person who calls you, even thou you haven’t met him/her.  Viktor Nord Eniro

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  1. Sebastian Stjern
    on Dec 2nd at 11:10 am

    Inte kopplat till blogginlägget, men grattis till den fina placeringen på
    Vi finns också med, lite längre ner på listan. Men du får nog klättra till nästa år om du ska stanna framför oss ;)

  2. Viktor Nord
    on Dec 3rd at 9:56 am

    Tack Sebastian och grattis till er på The Fair Tailor! Jag antar utmaningen om att hamna högst upp nästa år!

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