New & inspiring entrepreneurs of 2009

Recently Shortcut announced a list of 100 new and inspiring young entrepreneurs in Sweden. The list was fun to read in many aspects, Christian Josefsson with our company and 24 other people from Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden was mentioned. The worthy winner was Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify, closely followed by the members of YEoSChristian Josefsson: DanielEk_spotify

Lisa Renander Julia Hamrin_go enterpriseLisa Renander & Julia Hamrin with Go Enteprise

Mattias Tyrberg with SAPLO

Mikael Blix & Johan Berglund with Sportion Media Group

Gustaf Oscarsson with Bissy Media

Alexander Brännkärr & Fredrik Hjort with Infoside Sweden

Petter Hedborg with Remium relations

Erik Fjellborg with Quinyx flexforce

Diana Svensk with Svensk Fashion

Christian Josfesson & Viktor Nord (me) with

Therese Albrechtson with Greyzone, Iboards, Bodyguard

Emma Knaggård Wendt with Emma KW

Christian Albinsson och Fredrik Pettersson with Lördag Morgon

Akrem Abdu with Problemfinders

Nick Larsson with S.T.A.T underwear

Sebastian Stjern & Lina Stjern with The Fair Tailor

Benjamin Kainz, Oscar Lundin & Arvid Morin with Ung omsorg

Sofia Falk with Wiminvest

I wish you all a big congratulations. You are all well worht it! Keep up the good work out there.

Best regards

Viktor Nord

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  1. Lisa Renander
    on Dec 8th at 1:50 pm

    Heja heja alla grymma entreprenörer! Visst sliter vi alla hårt, men jäklar vad kul det är! / Lisa

  2. Viktor Nord
    on Dec 8th at 2:42 pm

    Ja verkligen! Bästa jobbet man kan ha.

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