Focus on good results first

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with Michael Wolf, Swedbanks CEO, a couple of times. He is very passionate about his job and the mission to create more jobs for young people which is great. I asked him what he thought about business plans and the fact that many new and small companies focus on wrong things. If you have a company that needs a big investment I understand why you need to focus on the business plan to convince your investors and banks. But if you have a company that sells software or other services you should focus on selling them before chasing for new capital.

If you can show of some positive results it’s hundred times easier to get investments and loans from the bank sector. This conclusion may sound basic but many companies focus on their business plan instead of focus on the sales.  I’ve talk to many people who have made just this bad mistake.

So if you need an investment. Start by showing that your product/services are attractive and easy to sell.

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