Can you wear a chicken-suit and still be professional?

Today my alarm went of 05:45 in the morning because I was invited to a breakfast meeting within BNI in Oslo. This network is for business professionals who are looking to expand their network and do business together. Every member gets 60 seconds to pitch their business idea. So it’s very important to have a great elevator speech or do something more different. One of the members, Jørn A. Jensen – FRAM Arrangement AS, really stand out by wearing a chicken-suit and due to that I’m now writing and talking about him.

Jørn A. Jensen

I’m not saying that you should wear a chicken-suit to stick out but at this meeting it was perfect. Now everyone knows that Jørn is using unconventional methods to reach great results which of course is a good thing since he’s running a business in the event sector.

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