A month of listening in Oslo

After running my business for a couple of years now I’ve realized the importance of listening to our customers. Instead of assuming that you know what your customers want you have a talk to them and let them into the development of the product. That’s why I moved to Oslo for a while. The last two weeks have been busy, up to six meetings per day.

To be successful in this strategy you have to be open minded. Try to think together with your clients and aim for a win-win situation. It´s quite easy to get new customers to buy our product but getting them to use it in the right way and reach the potential is the hard part. Unfortunately many companies are slow to adapt to new products. You need to be helpful and patient. It takes time.

This strategy of letting my clients into the process have resulted in that they often feel us like a part of their own company which lower their instinctive guard down. At this level you really feel the connection between you and your clients and you are now building up a trust that are very important when you are looking for long business relations.

Viktor Nord Oslo Operahouse

Viktor Nord at Oslo opera house.

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