7 Stages of Every Growing Business

7 Stages of Every Growing Business

Les McKown ger en kort föreläsning för Inc 500 som faktiskt var riktigt bra! Han är grundare av Predictable Success och har själv startat 50-tal företag. Han har delat in 7 steg som varje företag går igenom.


Jag rekommenderar verkligen dig att lyssna på honom, både intressant och rolig. Min summering nedan skrev jag medan jag lyssnade så beklagar språket…


Här är stegen i en kort summering för dig som bara har några minuter till övers:


Steg 1 – Early struggle, finding a profitable, sustainable market. Race against time. 80 % fail in 3-5 years. Stop being a startup! Stop focusing on small things such your new logotype, slogan or whatsoverer. What really mathers is that you need to pay the salary to your employee this month again and it’s just a couple days left…that’s why you don’t sleep to well.


Stage 2 – Fun. Making sale. The answer to everyone and everything is to sale. Sale, sale, saaaallllle. You need a visionary, passionate person and you need an operator – the ruthless finisher! Operators work insanely fast, they don’t think too much they just get things done! Visionaries never turn things down, only sees opportunities. The visionary founder of a business is learning to step back as operations get taken on by others.


Stage 3 – How to Handle an Increasingly Complex Business. Visionary and operators are not turned on when working with systems and process. We need to bring in a new role, the processor.


Stage 4 – Transitioning to Predictable Success. Its operator that works 24 hours a day to get it to work. A processor and a visionary will have problems to work together. Visionaries tend to exaggerate most things when the processor think “You lying son of a b*tch…” because he is precise. Operators is really good at being firefighters.


Stage 5 – What it takes to scale.

Here he explains the 3 roles and work ethics:

Operators – first in still here. FISH!


Processors come in 9 am. Why? That is what it says in the manual. Processors come in and check that everything is working smoothly.


When does visionaries comes into work? Anytime – when do they leave? When they find new opportunities. Take 2-4 yeas for the team to work together.


Stage 6 – What it takes to scale. From national till international.


Stage 7 – Treadmill. Overemphasizing systems and processes can lead your business into a rut. It becomes more important to complete the checklist than do the actual work. The big rut could happen. Long slow slide to death. Loss the ability to self-diagnose. Customers are the pain in the neck. The Visionary has already left and go on with something else.

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