15.000 CV’s in 1 year

We launched our new system and user interface 17 may 2008 (Norways national day). After exactly one year we drew a line and made some statistics. Some really interesting things came up. Over 15.000 CV’s were registered which not may sound so much compared with 2 million Facebook users. But if you put 15.000 CV’s compared with Swedens biggest CV-database (AMS – arbetsförmedlingen) who only has around 5000 CV’s you get the picture. In one year we’ve got more than three times the size of theirs database. That’s quite good isn’t it?SverigeNorge.se_Statistik

According to our statistics over 1500 people got a job in Norway thanks to our site during year 2008. The comparison was made between Swedish people who wants to work in Norway, not the total amount of CV’s in the database.

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